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The Design tribe can’t contain their excitement about Sands Academy


Design Unfiltered Ft. Anil Reddy

Join us on "Design Ki Baatein" Episode 1 as Anil Reddy shares invaluable insights into the essence of design, his journey to being a designer, a founder of a successful.

March 2nd , 2024 | 0:58:38


Design Unfiltered Ft. Anil Sinha

Get ready to be wowed by none other than the extraordinary man of design himself - Dr. Anil Sinha, in our second episode of "Design Ki Baatein".He has seen the orgin and evolution of design in India. His out-of-the-box ideas, refined through.

April 6th, 2024 | 0:44:51


Design Unfiltered Ft. Mayur Karodia & Punit Chawla

Come learn from visionary founders and esteemed educationists Punit Chawla and Mayur Karodia in Design Ki Baatein.

April 6th, 2024 | 0:57:06


Ask your questions and let's get to know each other better

With the right performance Sands Academy can support you with a fully-funded scholarship.

We make sure we prepare the candidate holistically, which includes preparing them for all rounds of the hiring process along with interviews, portfolio reviews and white boarding rounds.

There are no pre-requisites to join the course other than you willingness and zeal to learn.

To ensure this, we conduct an aptitude test for all applicants and a one-on-one interview. We'll then review whether or not the applicant is eligible to join the academy or not.

You will be working on your portfolio from the day 1 of your course. We make sure that the projects that you are working in has a merit of its own to get added in your portfolio. Along with this, towards the end of the course, you will get to work on a real industry project.

You will have the week to yourself to work on practical assignments with periodic doubt sessions with the mentors online/at the studio. Weekends will be reserved for dedicated sessions with the mentors for an in depth knowledge of concepts.